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Thursday, July 31, 2014


CNN just announced the release of a substantial number of mortar rounds to Israeli forces now pounding Gaza.  That's not surprising.  What is, is that the delivery will take place from a massive depot of American weaponry and ammunition already placed in Israel.  How many people knew that the US pre-positions huge munitions stockpiles within Israel for the convenience of Israel?  My guess is that this is a reaction to the events of 1972, where Nixon had to emergency airlift munitions to Israel during that war.  There is the fiction that the Israeli's pay for this, except that they do so under a regime of loan guarantees in which they never really have to pay.  Now apparently we just skip the fictive transaction altogether and just let them take what they want.  

We conveniently positioned masses of mortar bombs in country so that our gallant allies in Jerusalem don't run out while they kill the children of Gaza.  

Of course this fact must never be allowed to interfere with our bogus assurance to the surrounding states that we are even handed.   

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