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Thursday, July 10, 2014


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The farce at the border exposes us as a nation without seriousness and locked in an internal struggle typical of a system in collapse. Peasants from a country far to our south have thrown their children over our wall and into our hands. And we are paralyzed. Why? Because all sides are lying about their motives and plans.
The President and his allies want to accelerate our descent into a polyglot post western nation. For them, the more Hispanics, the better to achieve the replacement of our Euro-American population. When people like the President say our immigration system is broken, they mean it is not broken enough. They really want a lot more third world immigration.
The GOP establishment also wants more third world immigration. The business interests that own the GOP want cheap labor and are confident that their children will never have to rub shoulders with the new permanent underclass they are importing.
But neither the President nor GOP sellouts can get their way as long as a sufficient number of American citizens still believe that their culture, their country and their border mean something. So we quibble about just how to face this new crisis, which is no crisis at all. Hand wringing and finger pointing are the rule.
Political posturing by both sides fills the airwaves. The President attacks congress for political playacting while he himself bounces from one political fundraiser to another. He tells us that there is an emergency at the border while playing pool.
It should be obvious to all sentient beings by now, that no one really wants to fix the border situation or immigration. Forty five percent of all teenagers in America are from non-European backgrounds. Our taxi drivers are from Somalia and our doctors are from India. Even our gold digging hussies are from Russia. The same business class that exhorts us to vote Republican hires H1B cheap labor to replace our children on the job. Fox news is owned by an old man from Australia and his Chinese wife.
So what is it that we see on our border? A country that will not muster the will to protect its own sovereignty. We are a country that says, if you can satisfy the greed of the meatpacking industry, we won’t try too hard to prevent your entry into our country. We are a country who says that one of our parties actively wants people to invade our society and replace the natives who won’t work for peanuts. Hang out long enough and you get to vote Democrat forever. We are the country that says, we are more terrified of looking mean in the face of your children than in protecting the patrimony of our own.
What would some other country, a country with some pride and a sense of itself do?
That country would get tough with Mexico for deliberately compromising our border. Mexico is a rich country full of poor people. If we can destabilize Libya we could do the same for our nasty neighbors to our south. If we were actually serious, of course we wouldn’t have to. But the Mexicans know us only too well, and they know that we are too lacking in resolve and too divided to enforce our interests and our will in such a manner. But we could do it tomorrow if we wanted to.
Since the Mexicans won’t cooperate on their side a real country would erect a real border. It would not be a fence. It would be a minefield with sensors and snipers. A real first world nation would know that it couldn’t maintain a welfare state while allowing porous borders. Birth rates in much of the third world are exploding. It’s time to get control of our fate before theirs becomes ours. It’s that simple.
What about the children? Simple. Children below a certain age should be taken in and taken to the airport where they get a free ride home. Teenagers should be given a liter of water, a sandwich and a trip around the turnstile. Let them become Mexico’s problem. When that happens the migration will stop. Their plight is not of our making.
To do this we would need a sense of pride in who we are and a sense of who we are not. We would need the gumption to dismantle our immigration system with its courts and social workers, and replace it with something that serves our interests; that is, the interests of our citizens as they are now.

Neither the President or the Congressional GOP represent the American people.

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