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Friday, April 18, 2014


It seems that my comments are getting expunged as fast as I sen them over at TAC.  I wrote a  follow up post I commented on Gracy Olmstead's piece to whit:

I see that a comment I posted here was not only not printed but actively expunged.
It is unfortunate that you can’t withstand contrary opinion. Perhaps if I mentioned that I served eight years as the State of New Jersey’s Inspector of criminal halfway houses you might have printed my opinion. On the other hand, I suspect you might have been even faster on the trigger.

Cowardice Gracy, is never an attractive feature.

This was erased almost instantly .  So who is Gracy Olmstead?  Behold!
She is just the latest illustration of TAC's bare skirting of the child labor laws.  Gracy graduated from college two years ago and always wanted to be a writer.  Along with Jonathan Coppage, she exemplifies TAC's lack of seriousness. In short, the place is run by children with no worldly experience.  She is described as taking quite a hand as an Associate Editor. She claims to run the Web Site. Perhaps that explains her spiking my comments.  
This is a perfect illustration of a very modern phenomena.  The academy is cranking out people who just want to write, but have little knowledge to justifying their output. Contrast this with the old journeymen reporters who had no intellectual pretensions but were very good at ascertaining facts. They could also detect bullshit a lot better than your average ex-coed.  After a time, some of them wrote enlightening and important commentaries.  
I wish I could say that I'm shocked but in the case of TAC, I'm not.

NOTE:  This business applies to Ms. Olmstead.  Other comments have gone through.  

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