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Saturday, March 29, 2014


This is my comment at Unz Review to a Juan Cole piece.  Cole and or some fellow named Lopez are engaged in the endless quest for racism and in this case, its variants.  It seems that racism, like sin, comes in several varieties.  Sin can be venial or mortal, and by omission or commission.  So racism has many imagined forms, all practiced exclusively by White people.

  1. “My greatest fear is that Ryan shares with the Republican Party a penchant for strategic racism — a willingness to stir widespread racial anxiety in pursuit of votes. This is not racism as hate, or as bias, but as the cold, calculating decision to exploit racist sentiments in society.”
    You need have no fear on this count. The Republican party is literally committing suicide rather than accepting its role as the generic White party. Indeed, Ryan is a champion of immigration amnesty at the expense of those white blue collar voters who still have jobs not undercut by Mexicans. Not a few of whom must be named Lopez.
    It strikes me as absurd that the Democrats can be the generic non-white party but it is “Racism” for Whites to prefer a party of their own. Do you really think this can go on indefinitely? BTW, I notice that the Asian part of the Democrat coalition just wised up to what the Democrats had in store for their children. I suppose they must be racists as well.

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