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Sunday, February 9, 2014


The following is a comment I posted over at TAC .  It is a response to a ridiculous attempt by some British writer of little note, who attempts to make TAC readers see the conservative side of the late and unlamented Pete Seeger,  troubadour to the Red butchers.  I have no idea is it will be published, so I post it here now.
It takes someone writing from another continent to see the connection between Pete Seeger and any manifestation of conservative thought whatsoever.
Seeger was a witting tool of Soviet propaganda all his life, even after the Soviet Union collapsed. His “music” was corny, didactic and lacking in grace. It is reported that he leaves a fortune, so like many Communists he was a hypocrite when it came to the nobility of redistribution.
Finally, I always found him repulsive in his own squinty eyed, mealy-mouthed and furtive way. A child could see that he was never completely honest and had an agenda that he, in his clumsy way, was at pains to conceal.

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