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Sunday, December 8, 2013


No one should be surprised at Newt Gingrich's full throated praise for the late Nelson Mandela.  He is just one of a number of public conservatives who have.  Actual conservatives need to know that most of their "leaders" are just as much believers in the Hegelian flow of history as any liberal, or Communist for that matter.  That this is news to most of them shows just how dumb they really are.

Gingrich is upset that the normally docile conservative lumpen proletariate bucked at Newt's mandela love.  He has "pushed back" as only an attention dependent public intellectual would.  He pumped out releases and got himself invited on the Sunday Talk shows.  On one, Candy Crolly, CNN's delectable mountain of femininity, asked Newt if this meant that Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were wrong to back the Apartheid South African regime during the Cold War.  Since both Reagan and Thatcher are dead and no longer useful as props, Newt had no difficulty admitting that they erred.  Yes even though Mandela was a great man, they were primarily Cold Warriors with too narrow a focus.

Newt is an intelligent man in the manner of intellectuals on the make, but we must remember that he has no core beliefs to adhere to and even less integrity.  He says what he needs to say to stay in place as a "Conservative Thinker."  He knows very well why Reagan and Thatcher kept faith with the SA Government.  Because however repugnant their internal policies they were allies, and any majority government in the SA would have been a Soviet Ally.  Mandela never gave the slightest hint that he would have done anything else.  If he had somehow gained power while his enablers were still strong he would have made himself a dangerous adversary. Imagine a Soviet fleet based at the tip of Africa threatening the worlds lifelines.

There used to be this thing called The West.  It was understood as a manifestation of European peoples and culture.  The USA used to belong to the West.  But that was before we became whatever we are now.  Black Sub-Saharan Africa is nothing like the West.  We have absolutely no reason to celebrate the passage of any society from Western to anything else if we are conservative westerners.

Gingrich, the Neocons on FOX, the punks at TAC like Rod Dreher and the rest can admire Mandela because they already accept all the central tenants of the left.  They have long since accepted mass egalitarianism and all the poison that differentiated the French Revolution from the American.  Calling themselves conservatives while thinking like1950's Liberals is the best they can do.

So don't expect them to stand in the way of racial/cultural Marxism. They don't have the conviction in their hearts to say no.  They don't know enough about the society they think they're defending to even make the arguments.  They're just making a living posturing as our leaders while adjusting to our demise.

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