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Thursday, November 14, 2013


As all you readers know, I follow news about Obama with an almost unhealthy intensity.  Most think-pieces about the man are thin soup.  Some of it, like the work of Steven Sailor is very good indeed.  So I can't recommend highly enough the following from Politico's Glenn Thrush.  It's titled Locked in the Cabinet.  It reveals as nothing else has the depth of dysfunction many of us suspected all along.  Thrush lays out the manner in which President's cabinets have functioned over the years.  The degrees of connectedness and influence varied.  Some Presidents actively used the cabinet for its original intention, as a kind of board of directors.  Others have been less collegial.  Obama seems to regard his cabinet as collection of stooges answerable to his small army of confidential aides and his tiny band of confidants.

This account will go a long way to explain the peculiar manner in which this administation operated.

One thing not mentioned by the author but obvious in the telling is Obama's race-based inner circle.  The only people who cannot be fired in the Obama Administration are Holder, Jarrett, Rice etc.  This supports Sailor's thesis that Obama is deeply racial in his affections and his trust.

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