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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This is a comment of mine in TAC inspired by Philip Giraldi's mention of the old Roman Cursus Honorum.  He noticed the lack of qualifications our President has in running anything at all.

  1. I very much like your reference to the old Roman Cursus Honorum. We simply let people run for the highest offices without the slightest evidence of executive ability. The Romans would have had none of that nonsense. In order to rise in the Roman state one had to have served successfully with the legions, have served as Aedile, who among other things directed public works such as cleaning out the public sewers and putting on the games. At some point you had to perform judicial and colonial managerial duties.
    Contrast this with our idiotic system, which allows failed sions of political families and puffed up affirmative action lawyers to run for attain and fail at our highest office.
    We need a constitutional amendment imposing such a validation system on our would-be rulers. People who never saw war should be in no position to send others off to die. People who never had to fix potholes should not presume to fix our health care system.

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