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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Some interesting moments/observations on the Kerry's Snake Oil pitch to Congress.

Tom Udall D-Mew Mexico acquitted himself nicely by pointing out that the resolution presented to Congress by Obama in fact, contrary to Kerry's dissembling, gives broad authority to widen the war.  Good for him.

Kerry the former anti-war activist when we were killing communists, called doubters, "Armchair Isolationists."  Perhaps he wanted to distinguish them from the armchair commandos over at the Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard , Commentary, etc. So the argument ad Hitleram is still with us.  Fight the war de jure or you are one with those who failed the world in 1939.  If the American public ever figures out that this means that they must always volunteer in others fights, even against their own interests, there will be a heavy bill to pay.

"This is not going to war."  Really? Let's conduct the tiniest thought experiment.  If any foreign nation were to conduct missile strikes against us, would we consider it an act of war or not?  And because the power who conducted those strikes said in advance that it had limited objectives, would we feel constrained in our military response?

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