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Monday, April 15, 2013


The American Conservative had video colloquy between a young journalist from the National Review on Line and their own Jordan Bloom.  They shared their deep thoughts on minority outreach and what it means for the GOP and "The Conservative Movement."  I just couldn't help injecting the following.

  1. The vacuousness of this dialog would drive me to despair if I had hope that the Conservative movement had a future. But it doesn’t, so why get perturbed?
    Neither of these children understand politics beyond the level of ideas and ideals.
    Rand Paul spoke to the Howard crowd as a ritual of the “I have the guts to sell my message anywhere,” sort. He understood it was pointless except as this sort of exercise.
    Messaging /outreach to minorities is a mugs game. Blacks, Hispanics and Homosexuals vote on the basis of that old American quandary, What’s in it for me. Inner city Blacks don’t vote, they SELL their votes for a share of the pie, that is, all our wealth. So unless you intend to can offer them bribes from the communal pot, it’s a waste of time talking to them. Ditto Hispanics.
    It’s also idiotic to agonize over bigotry while ignoring the atavistic self centeredness of these groups. They are at least as bigoted as our ancestors ever were. Minority groups do not share the ideal of disinterestedness and broad community spirit that is at the heart of the conservative world view.
    If any sort of conservative faction is to survive in our country it can only do so by organizing those who can so no to the mugs game. We can only survive by organizing around actual group interests of the majority population and those who may chose to adhere to it.

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