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Saturday, April 20, 2013


We suffer the results of uncontrolled immigration every day.  This week more than most, the effects of letting foreigners into our republic to do as they please is obvious. Persons we welcome into our midst turn against us all the time.

I write of course of Barack Obama senior, that alcoholic, leftist Kenyan rapist who, by impregnating a hippy girl left us with his awful son, the President.  The President wants us to know that his loyalty to his father and his father's way of life is rock solid.  Thus he spoke...

"That American spirit includes staying true to the unity and diversity that makes us strong — like no other nation in the world. In this age of instant reporting and tweets and blogs, there’s a temptation to latch on to any bit of information, sometimes to jump to conclusions. ... And that’s why we take care not to rush to judgment — not about the motivations of these individuals; certainly not about entire groups of people. "

So we are to understand that nothing must impede the activities of all the Chechins, Somalis, Gypsies, Albanians, etc. who want to share their divers qualities with us.

And he had the effrontery said this before the victims were buried.

NOTE: 5/2/13   As if to amplify the above, a Somali immigrant criminal was sentenced today to life imprisonment today.  He had a prior violent felony conviction which should have subjected him to deportation.  He celebrated his release from prison by killing four people in North Dakota.  So the taxpayers of that state will be feeding him for the rest of his life.  

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