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Monday, March 25, 2013


During his visit to Israel, President Obama is quoted as saying the following. “President Assad has lost his legitimacy by his use of force on his own citizens.”
By that reasoning Britain and France had every right to intervene on behalf of the Confederacy in our Civil War.   Perhaps historically educated people should review the presidents utterances before he embarrasses us all again.  


  1. Are you kidding?

    Jefferson Davis promised, then delivered, war if slavery was not spread. Did they forget to teach out about the Southern Ultimatums.

    Davis and the Confederate leaders issued FIve ULtimatums, according to Southern papers in May of 1861. All five were about the spread of slavery.

    Davis himself said Lincoln's resistance to the SPREAD of slavery was the "intolerable grievance".

    The Five Ultimatums started with the demand -- bragged about as the "TRUE ISSUE" by Richmond papers --that Kansas legislature immediately "accept and respect slavery".

    Kansas, however, had voted already -- 98 to 2% to keep slavery out.

    Davis didnt care. He demanded they pass legislation to accept slavery or FACE WAR (That is what Ultimatum means, and Ultimatum was their word).

    Furthermore Confederate leders like Stephens went on a speaking tour bragging that GOd intended the Confederate to spread the "great moral truth" that white Southerners were supposed to punish the black race for sins in the bible -- the mark of Cain. Crowds cheered.

    Southern newspapers called popular sovereignty "a trick of the devil" and demanded, like Davis and Confederate leaders, the spread of slavery.

    SOuthern leaders Toombs, Davis, Stephens, and SOuthern newspapers, were clear, loud, specific -- spread slavery or FACE WAR.

    Then they delivered that war.

    SOuthern scum had been violently oppressing blacks in slavery, but also oppressing whites -- the SOuthern Ultimatums were addressed to WHITES.

    It takes a special kind of stupid not to realize LIncoln should have kicked Southern Scum just from the War Ultimatums, but Lincoln did nothing.

    Lincoln did nothing when Davis and the other cowards seceded in order to spread slavery for GOd. He did nothing until they used violence -- and it was not just in one place, SOuthern Scum had attacked 12 places.

    SOuthern scum got their ass kicked and like bullies running home to momma, have spent the last 150 years crying like punks. Davis, Lee, Toombs, Stephens, all sh ould have been put on trial, and dealt with like they dealth with slaves who rebelled. Male slaves w ho rebelled using violence were burned to death.

  2. Thanks for the disquisition on Confederate guilt. It misses my point however. Lincoln did levy war on what he claimed were his own citizens, to the point of bombarding whole cities, enforced death by famine and blockade and the destruction of cities and regions by fire and despoliation.

    My point is that this is precisely what Assad is doing. The merits or demerits of the Confederate rebels are irrelevant to my point. If the US position is that any head of states legitimacy is forfeit on levying war on his own subject, Lincoln lost his legitimacy. By Obama's own definition therefore, Britain and France could have intervened.

    The greater point is that Obama made a statement that made no historical sense. We back heads of state that wage war on their own people all the time.