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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I've really been fascinated by the recovery of the remains of Richard III.  It's really good that he has been rescued from under the tarmac.  But just a thought.  Should he really be interred at Leicester Cathedral?  I'm not referring to the claims of York but to the prior claim of the Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic Church.

King Richard died as a communicant of that church before Luther was a twinkle in God's eye. Shouldn't he and any future medieval resurrected monarchs be reunited with the church they adhered to in life?  To do otherwise is to assume that given the chance they would have been good Anglicans.  Perhaps they would have but we can never know.

Perhaps, in the interests of inter-faith comity, Richard could be re-interred by a Catholic Bishop in the Anglican Cathedral.  It's not as if I want to undue the reformation or deconstruct the Christian credentials of the Church of England.  Her hierarchy has that job well under way.  It's just that I think a decent consideration for Richard's faith be exercised.

At least as things are going, he will be spared the indignity of being found in Westminster Mosque.

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