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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Any exposure to the news today is an immersion in the gun control debate.  As usual, the left pounces on rare, highly emotion laden tragedies to whittle away at the rights of ordinary citizens.  We all know that the problem rests  with the mentally ill individuals who perpetrate these rare but horrific crimes.

Democrats idiotically want to reduce access to firearms guaranteed by the constitution while Republicans suggest spending more on mental health facilities we can't afford.

One aspect of this problem is the issue of medication.  It is boring just to write this, but we are all sick unto nausea of hearing that the deinstitutionalized mentally ill simply refuse to take their anti-psychotic medications.  So perhaps instead of tampering with our constitution or spending money we don't have, we need pharmaceutical advances in the from of long acting anti-psychotic medications that only need to be taken once or twice per year.  I know this may be difficult but if in the form of a patch or some subdural pump, this would be a real advance in keeping the nutters among us from shooting at us.  It would be a lot more easy to keep track of a registry of people adjudged to be in need of such medication and enforce it on a once or twice per annum basis.

This approach Isn't sexy but it would actually help.

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