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Saturday, January 12, 2013


I stopped by the Post Office today only to find that a package small enough to fit in my post box was being held behind the counter, which was closed 30 minutes ahead of the regular closing time.   Trying to get the attention of a female letter carrier, I found that she was deaf, or pretended to be!  I only got my parcel by barging into the restricted work area.  So the trip wasn't a total waste of my time.  There was a time when barging into the back of a Post Office could get you shot.  But I reasoned that even if the postal workers were armed they had little chance of hitting me given their work ethic.  And who entrusts anything of value to the Post Office anymore?

Is it any wonder that the Post Office is both bankrupt and a national joke?  We are coming more and more inured to third world levels of service from a government that looms larger and larger in our lives.  Thank God for UPS.

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