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Friday, December 14, 2012


As Dan, a commenter noted, this is not the actor who handed out private money to private recipients in the 1950's.  It's that oily political hack Senator Robert Menendez who truly represents the awful state of New Jersey.

As if to second Dan's evaluation there is this. Menendez was revealed to have hired an illegal alien convicted sex offender in his office.  The twenty year old offender is from Peru and after over-staying his visa settled in to some sex crime along with his support for the Hispanic activist Senator.

Of course the Senator denies knowing of either the illegal nature of his intern or of his criminal status.  The Senator knew all too well that is is not wise to check out the particulars of his fellow Hispanic opportunists, so no real effort was made into the interns bona fides.  Of course New Jersey being what it is, and the Obama Justice Department being what it is, Menendez will face no price for his tribal over national allegiance.

It was also reveled that the Obama administration's immigration authorities determined to suspend enforcing the law in the period just before the election as to avoid political embarrassment to the many Democrats working to replace the American public with another population entirely.  Another beneficiary of this policy is the President's own illegal alien uncle, pictured below.

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