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Monday, December 24, 2012


In ten minutes it will be Christmas Eve.  This Christmas, like the first Christmas, is accompanied by a slaughter of innocents.

So let this be the time to put aside politics and all the affairs of men and wonder that a vision so splendid as that of the birth of Christ took place at all.

It is said that we are living in a post Christian era.   We still live in a culture molded by, and infused by, Christian culture.  We are surrounded by Christian artifacts.  But consider what you would think if you never heard or saw any of it. Imagine worshiping many gods or no god at all.  Imagine vengeful gods or animal gods. Imagine the thought that the gods we intuit care nothing for us, but exist on some cold and remote plain of perfection.  Then imagine the thought that there is one God alone, who cares enough for you, his creation, that He chose to partake of your very nature.  A God who pities your imperfection enough top share it.  A God who loves you, His creation enough to ask you to come to Him of your own free will or not at all.

Even now, it makes the spirit reel.

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