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Thursday, October 18, 2012


I am drawn to any professional public servant who speaks up for sanity to the dismay of elected mountebanks.   Such happened today when Mr. Efrain Halevy appeared on C-SPAN.  The event ran fro noon to 1:20 PM, and was hosted by the Wilson Center.  It can be view on C-SPAN's web site, which I highly recommend.  Halevy is the former director of Mossad and a former National Security Advisor to the Israeli government.

Halevy is a Israeli patriot who brings a remarkable blend of both practical experience and diplomacy to this contentious part of the world.  Unlike so many of his countrymen he is not salivating for a joint Israeli/American strike on Iran.  He has refreshingly candid views on the state of Israel's neighbors and their realities.

Most welcome are his assessments of Democracy building in the region and various neo-con totems.

Everyone not committed to war should see him in action on C-SPAN.  

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