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Saturday, September 22, 2012


A comment of mine was "excised" by Wick Allison over at the American Conservative last week.  Excised is his term for his culling of comments that violate his criteria for respectability.  An informed source tells me that Allison is the censor for all comments, without reference to the wishes of the writers.  Curious that, considering they pay people to write but don't trust them to manage their own comments.  Well, at least they're honest about it.

This is another step in the devolution of TAC from it's nationalist/traditionalist beginnings to something lesser and disappointing.  TAC has come to suffer from a form of multiple  personality disorder.  It still publishes Pat Buchanan's and Jim Pinkerton's articles but it also publishes the work of Kelly Vlahos,  resident harridan at the left wing  Rod Dreher is on board writing from deepest, darkest Louisiana representing the childish crunchy-cons while Daniel Larison does a grand job deconstructing Republican talking points in the manner of a dissertation defense.  He also does a very creditable job as agent of the vast pan-slavic mind view.  That is, the Russian government ought to pay him.  I'm not suggesting that they do, but that's how good he is at advancing the let's not be beastly toward the bear meme.  Lately, to further extend the big tent into a three ring circus,  TAC brought on people like Noah Millman who at least make no pretense at being a conservative.

TAC owes it's continued existence to the money of Ron Unz, immigration enthusiast and enemy of all human biodiversity findings that diverge from kumbaya.  Things will eventually take their course at TAC in the manner of all organizations seeking respectability.

Here is my response to TAC's "Excision" of my comment as posted on TAC itself.

I was surprised to have a comment censored last week. TAC has had a relatively sedate comments section, compared to most right of center sites. I apparently used a term that offended some taboo. I don’t much care which one.

Of course, this site belongs to the publisher. He is free to support immigration as he is free to welcome non-conservatives to his publication while advancing his own anthropological views. But given the intractable nature of the Republic’s ills I doubt that the kind of discourse encouraged here will lead to anything.

Perhaps we will be the first society to disappear rather than offend anyone.

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