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Friday, July 13, 2012


  1. Below is a comment I left on The American Conservative.  Why is it that trying to suppress voter fraud needs a defense at all?  
    KenE wrote,”,,,,does it make sense to broadly disenfranchise thousands of voters to stop the one case of voter fraud? Where is the logic in that?”
    It’s the same logic that informs all law. Laws are passed to correct the illegal and abnormal, not the legal and normal. Given that election fraud exists and that, as we see overseas, it has the potential to destroy the legitimacy of the state, simple steps to make it harder should be non-controversial. Instead, Voter ID as a simple measure of administrative hygiene becomes an alarm bell to the left.
    Measures like voter ID laws do not disenfranchise anyone who can legitimately vote. They just have to want to as much as the rest of us. You can’t show up in your local polling place in the nude. If the lumpenproles you’re so worried about can get dressed to vote, they can get ID’s to bring with them.
    Isn’t it odd that those posing as defenders of those “disenfranchised” voters can only do so by picturing them as slothful imbeciles? Getting picture ID is laughably easy, especially so with assistance of the host of Government funded community action programs designed to assist the poor.
    No, the left opposes voter ID and other measures to protect the integrity of the franchise precisely because they know of, an approve of voter fraud.

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