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Saturday, March 24, 2012


This is the umpteenth day of pandering coverage of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin affair.  We have seen the "Million Hoodie March," We are seeing constant repetition of coverage of a story sans new facts, and we have seen our black President signaling his preference to the prejudice of the liberty of a citizen.  We have also seen the mainstream conservative press accede to the demands of black political pressure.

For the benefit of my overseas readers, we Americans have been emerging from the chrysalis of our 18th Century constitution for about fifty years, and that process is almost complete.  We are becoming a plebiscitary mass democracy where mobs of one sort or another decide the course of events without reference to law or tradition.  Our decadent elites and the predatory underclass are united in their hatred of the largely white middle classes.   The issue at hand with the shooting in Florida is that the middle citizens of Florida grew tired of the lawlessness of the resident underclass both black and hispanic.  They began to liberalize their restrictive firearms laws and crime levels dropped.  This troubled two groups of people, liberals who fear and loath traditional Americans and their culture of personal responsibility, and minorities who's loved-ones tend to get shot when citizens defend themselves.

But there is another wrinkle to this situation.  Blacks are keenly aware that they are in a loosing struggle with all the hispanics that their liberal friends are importing to do the work they are no longer willing to do.  And to be blunt, hispanics who are forced to share neighborhoods with blacks are not nearly so willing to move away from black criminality.  They stay and fight.  They have a history of using deadly force against blacks because they have never been indoctrinated in the cult of racial shame that most American whites have.   Many of them have a culture of working and saving and playing the game of life with their own money.  They aren't willing to shrug off constant thievery and intimidation.  It is precisely because Mr. Zimmerman is hispanic that the real leaders of this protest want him to be put away even before a trail.  For Blacks living in places like Florida and Southern California, diversity is coming to mean displacement and push-back.  That is one reason why there is more than a little hysterical language among black leaders.

Another possibility is looming.  Information regarding Zimmerman is emerging that puts him in a good light.  There is word of an eyewitness who confirms Zimmerman's version of events.  However misguided Zimmerman probably was, he he seems to have defended himself.  What happens if Zimmerman is found innocent?  Will the media's pandering to black rage result in an convulsion of black violence.  We've seen this before in the Rodney King riots.  Things may be coming to a violent pass and the elites who make common cause with the black underclass will have brought much of it about.  I personally hope that is they who bear the consequences of the violence they have unleashed.

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