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Saturday, February 18, 2012


I wrote the following on the American Conservative regarding MSNBCs sacking of Pat Buchanan.  More on the American Conservative to follow.

The significant number of Left commenters here who also stand up for Pat’s right to be heard is encouraging. But I must say that such evocations of the spirit of polite dialogue may be moot in the long run. It seems clear to me that left and right in the US are not ideological disputes so much as two separate and irreconcilable cultures battling for dominance within one polity. Obviously this cannot end well.
Pat draws the hatred of his left establishment enemies not because he is wrong but because he represents an identity they seek to destroy. They hate his identity and the more he seeks to represent a Euro-American Christian identity, the more they will suppress him and any like him. How else can we explain their horror at commentary on the eclipse of his own people. As we all know, our culture is seeping with affirmative stories of other groups proclaiming their difference. Only those people who previously comprised the vast majority of Americans are censored for mere self-awareness.
Conservatives as representatives of the Old Republic and largely, the traditional people of America must stop trying to “Win the argument” with the left. The left is only a collections of angry acquisitive minorities bent on dispossessing the rest of us. There is no argument with a burglar. The left by its nature, is not interested in truth, indeed it sees truth as only a social construct. The single overriding drive of all leftists is to seize and maintain power.
So either we traditional Americans and those who wish to become so will unite to take back our institutions, our culture and our streets, or we will become a despised set upon minority in our own land. We need to create and support our own institutions and media. We need to stop apologizing for defending our own interests.

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