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Sunday, February 12, 2012


The UK stance re: Syria and the coming demise of the Assad regime was on view a few days ago when William Hague admitted that Syrian Christians will be at the mercy of whatever regime emerges.  This admission only comes to light due to the persistent questioning of fellow Tory parliamentarians.  In essence Hague argued that because Assad is doomed in practical terms, all that Her Majesties Government could do is to influence the various factions to be merciful to the Christians, Alawi's and Druze when they win.  Good Luck!

I like Hague, and think that his ultimate willingness to admit the truth here stands in contradistinction to the deceitful humbug of the American government.  Britain has no special responsibility with regard to Syria.  France is the old colonial patron and I suppose she is doing something behind the scenes, but perhaps not much.  So once again Middle Eastern Christians will suffer due to the machinations of the usual suspects.

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