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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Congressional testimony was heard today advocating televising the Supreme Court.  This is a very bad idea indeed.  Why, because exposure to the highest levels of government has had a disastrous effect on public morale already.

Certainly this is the case with Congress.  The more these narcissists and small time lawyers  present themselves before the public, the more the public detects that Barney Frank bears no resemblance to what a real leader looks like, Robert Redford.

Of course the public still has hope for the Presidency but in truth they already know in their hearts that real Presidents are just Congressmen with nuclear weapons.

So to inflict the Supreme Court on the citizenry now will destroy their last hope that somewhere,  actual demigods hold their fate in secure, noble hands.  The public deeply needs reassurance that their own mediocrity does not penetrate to the very highest level of their government.  Once confronted with the fact that the rot runs clear to the top there may be mass suicide.  Mothers may neglect their children.  Workmen may put down their tools.  The childlike credulity of the mob depends on the unstated assumption that somewhere adults still run things.  So we live in a Wizard of Oz scenario where we all just assume that there is someone behind that curtain.

I say let the illusion be perpetuated yet awhile for decencies sake.

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