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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The grand march of the Occupy Wall Street protesters passed through Princeton the other day and even the local media noticed that they only amounted to two dozen people.  Celebrate them the media did, but there was now way to depict them as anything but a small collection of silly children.

OWS seems to have no other concern than that some people have a great deal more money than others in our country.  Well of course that always been true. It's true of any relatively free society.  People left to their own devices will succeed in the game of life to very different degrees.  No doubt our system has degenerated into a sclerotic, get rich quick by any means kleptocracy.  But the fools occupying Wall Street have no idea how to make the system work.  Indeed they have no idea of how the system worked to begin with.  They are the easily led dregs of a failed educational system that turned on the rest of us long ago.  It is such people that begin by decrying inequality and end by being consumed by the revolutions they start.  They are the vanguard of village idiots everywhere.

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