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Monday, April 19, 2010


Senators Kyle and McCain now want the National Guard on our border with Mexico.  Well bully for them.  I can only agree.  But for "Maverick"  McCain to come to the ball this late  in his conservative costume, just adds substance to his image as a self-serving phony. 

What accounts for his timing?  He points to the recent murder of an Arizona rancher by illegals. But the border has been the scene of confrontations between US citizens and Mexican illegals for years.  Was he just waiting for the first high profile murder as justification for doing what he needed to do a decade or more ago? 

McCain is also a devotee of that "Path to citizenship,"  Obama, and Lindsey Graham think will get them campaign contributions from the Business Round Table folks.  Nothing must interfere with cheap labor.  He welcomes as citizens the same population that he wants to keep at bay using the National Guard.  It all makes sense when you're a maverick with divided priorities. 

How I wish this man would retire.

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