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Friday, August 21, 2009


A wise man once predicted that....."From my observation of his management style, he is no team player. He is aloof, secretive and controlling. My prediction is that he will have a Jimmy Carter style relationship with Congress. I will personally enjoy watching the petty bickering over a much diminished pie."

And so it came to pass. Obama is living down to my expectations with uncanny precision. The President's community organizer skills have served him to little effect. He is indeed secretive, preferring to make his Big Man promises while fobbing of to Congress the actually drafting and haggling out of his grandiose plans. For all the talk of Obama's health plan, he has in fact, advanced no specific plan whatsoever. This is deliberate. As a community organizer, he is all about setting things in motion so that he can take credit for, or condemn, outcomes. Those of us familiar with community organizers know this modus operandi very well. No specifics, and plenty of fall guys available to take the blame in case of failure. The organizer's method is to speak in the language of aspiration and good feeling, then having gotten masses of people in a mood of expectation, claim some right or good that needs to be fulfilled. This works especially well in machine environments like Chicago, where handouts are the standard unit of exchange. Chicago can always use Federal money to make the organizers with clout look good.

But the pitfall of this style of "management" is that success always depends on motivating large numbers of the easily lead in order to wrest money from "The Man." As we are seeing, this doesn't work well when you yourself, are "The Man."

Health care is just the latest example of this phenomena. Obama's answer to the financial crisis is of the same cloth. He genuinely doesn't seem to grasp economics at all. As his academic records are sealed, we have no way knowing if he ever took an economics course. We do know that despite graduating from the best Prep School in Hawaii and then Columbia University, he speaks no foreign languages. This is a bit odd for someone who rides the horse of multi-culturalism.

It seems clear that as a full time politician/community organizer he has spent a lifetime working to extract money from one segment of society to give to another. He and a whole generation of professional underdogs and left facilitators, are now in the awkward position of being the establishment they heretofore opposed. They are still acting the roll of benefactor to masses of voters who don't understand that the coffers are bare and their leaders have no idea how to fill them again.

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