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Friday, August 14, 2009


I've been waiting for this story for forty years. Bob Dylan was taken into custody yesterday by two twenty-something police officers who had know idea who he is. Ah, sic transit gloria mundi!

Like the Henry Louis Gates story, this is also a questionable arrest saga. According to news reports, the police were called by residents of a Hispanic neighborhood, who reporting an eccentric old man wandering about, looking at their houses. The responding (female) officer asked Dylan who he was, and for some identification. He told her who he was and confessed to having no identification with him. For some reason she then took Dylan into custody and returned him to the address he gave so that his ID could be retrieved. Perhaps he seemed a danger to himself or others, that is, she may have thought he was senile. Either that, or house gazing without identification is now illegal in New Jersey.

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