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Friday, May 15, 2009


Eric Holder exposed his rather limited intellectual gifts before the House Judiciary Committee today. He cannot be expected to answer questions from Republicans in the manner and form that the Republicans want. But it is shocking that he has so little facility in lawyerly back and forth that one must seriously doubt his abilities. Time after time he failed to handle simple questions. He seemed to be blindsided by questions that, given the topics of the day would seem inevitable. He rejected hypothetical questions that were clearly within the realm of likelihood. Astoundingly, he claimed to believe that it is safer from the point of view of the American public, for him to release Guantanamo inmates into America, than it would be to keep them out altogether. Now this is clearly nonsense. It goes beyond bizarre and into the soggy lowlands of stupidity.

This and other of his unenlightening statements show the man for who he is. He is an affirmative action policy hack who happens to be Attorney General. Cogent forensic reasoning or simple logic is just not his forte. He is there to enforce the President's agenda. And on this occasion, he was not properly briefed by his master in the White House. So let's not expect too much of him, now or in the future.


  1. Eric has only begin too show his stuff. Looks like even Oboma is tired of his act

  2. Thanks for commenting big brother. As tired as the President may be of Holder, he will find it difficult to dump his "Soul Brother." And of course, Holder knows too much. In the past Holder has been a rather accommodating tool of whomever was in charge. That means that he could flip on the Pres. if things get tough. Therefore I think the Pres will try his absolute best to let him down easy, with a perch to land on.