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Monday, April 27, 2009


While the Chinese are set to export Twenty Thousand Dollar faux Rolls Royces the Mexicans continue to export themselves, mainly to here, the USA. Unfortunately, they are bringing swine flu with them. The Administration in DC, represented by by Janet Napolitano, the Janet Reno of our age, can't decide which is more important, keeping the American People safe, or keeping La Raza happy. By the time she closes the border, a real epidemic will be raging in our cities and Hispanic rural areas. This would be outrageous is it were not so totally expected.

The "Good" side of this is that it may drive a steak through the heart of multi-culturalism in our sad Republic. Almost every eatery I go to is staffed by Mexican kitchen help. They come and go between Mexico in complete secrecy. They live in dormitory conditions in rented housing, a perfect vector for contagion. It is already obvious that the locations first and hardest hit by this new epidemic are areas of Mexican illegal alien movement and employment. First World nations with social welfare schemes sharing common borders with Third World nations, are always at risk for precisely this sort of calamity. If enough of us sicken and die the cowards in DC will change their tune. I mean who will be left to pay their salaries?

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