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Saturday, January 17, 2009


The 24 hour Obamathon is in full throat on the internet, television and radio, and frankly, I'm tired of our new President already. He is being compared to Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and soon I suppose, to Attaturk or the Buddha. I wonder why he hasn't been linked to Gandhi yet? Gandhi was the Third World fantasy object of my generation, but perhaps we've moved on. The pseudo-historians who make these comparisons fail to mention that FDR came into office promising to balance the budget but promptly threw up his hands and put the entire economy into the hands of a collection of New York leftists who erected the bureaucracy that has smothered us ever since. FDR's progressivist bungling extended the depression until WWII. They also go a little lightly about the Civil War part of Lincoln's resume.

My mind cringes at the thought of all that disappointment when Obama's mere humanity asserts itself. How will all those imbeciles react when Obama fails to pay off their cars or get them jobs? What is it that people think a President does anyway? I get the impression that the average American thinks of the President as a kind of monarch, with the ability to command Congress, the States, and I suppose, the weather.

My suggestion is to keep our current electoral system but quietly relinquish actual management of the government to some Swiss management firm. For a 10% annul cut of our national treasure they can make decisions and apply some basic principles of rational management to the Executive Branch. Now if we were to do this while keeping this system hidden from the public we might be debt free in only twenty years. If we were to supplement this by secretly cutting the pay of everyone who works for government by two thirds, but allowing them to take other jobs while claiming to work for us, we would be debt free in a few weeks.

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