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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama is Old News

I caught as much as I could stomach of Obama's inaugural address and found myself thinking, wouldn't be even more liberating to elect our first albino president? Albinos are indeed a minority, and let's admit it, they look better on TV. Of course one does rather lose track of them in the snow, something that cannot be said of our incumbent. Perhaps I will live to see the first trans-gendered president?

Obama's speech was such a recitation of historical gibberish and rhetorical humbug that I can't bring myself to comment. Once having written speeches for politicians, it's almost impossible to take any of them seriously. Still, this one was more deliriously silly than most. A fair synopsis would be that, we, as a nation of Muslims, Hindus, cannibals etc. must be prepared to sacrifice to make our wonderfully bankrupt country even more wonderful. The President also mentioned that, though neither of his parents suffered the slight of segregation, he is aware that this sort of thing used to happen and ah, we have to get beyond that sort of thing, and by the way, isn't it grand that he, as a half-black preppy got to be president on behalf of all those whole black Americans? If the President went on to say something original, I missed it while rummaging through the refrigerator in search of liverwurst.

So thus ends our week-long national pageant of negritude. As I said in a previous post, I feel genuine sorrow for those who expect anything good to come of these proceedings. Still, idiocy, like Shakespeare's dog, will have it's day.

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