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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I just can't get Obama's "We are the people we have been waiting for," out of my mind. What does he mean? The popular interpretation seems to be that "We" the American People, need not rely on the Great Man theory of History. That is, we, the great unwashed, have it in our power to do whatever we want. But this can't be right because he still thinks we need him to lead us. And that would mean we didn't need to wait around for him either. So does this make Obama a closet anarchist?

I think another explanation has been staring us in the face without our quit catching on. Obama is alluding to Samuel Beckett's, Waiting for Godot, the play in which two characters are waiting for for a third,Godot, or perhaps God, and making asses of themselves in the process. The characters of Dee Dee and Go Go are to Obama's mind just representations of the public, waiting for someone who never shows up. It's all about the meaningless of life shackled to old ideas. So our boy Obama is just a garden variety prep-school existentialist. He means to show us that we, like he, need have no spiritual attachment to this place or its culture or history, and that through politics we can get all that is to be had in this hollow old existence. No need to delay gratification suckers, this is all you can get, and it's time to vote ourselves a raise!

Than again this statement may be just an airy incantation inserted by a speech writer.

Still, it makes this point to my mind. At the end of a long election season, we find ourselves left with the choice between a transparently facile Mulatto mystery man and a demented, malicious old pilot. So barring a vote for the ever delectable Samantha Brown, we should all just go out today and vote for ourselves, that is, write our own names in. After all, it is we whom we have been waiting for after all.

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