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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


  • Is anyone surprised that the Democrats are at each other's throats? As a melange of petty acquisitive tribes living off the ruins of the Republic they have nothing holding themselves together but their desire for the assets of others. What culture do they represent apart from a memory of grievance and a desire to get even? What do they wish to build that they don't wish to occupy and run for themselves? They seem to live in a world in which every act is a political act and power is the only motive. The sheer irrationality of their dispute, in which feminist grievance and black grievance play out against each other in fusillades of bogus accusation is a warning to anyone simple enough to vote for them. In the end the Democrats reveal themselves as the party of the centrifuge, spinning the population off into smaller and greedier interest groups with only one thing in common, their envy.

  • Drudge had a clip of Katie Couric today intended I suppose to expose the female Anti-Christ herself in an off camera moment of candor. In fact she seemed very ordinary and decidedly undemonic. The clip showed her in off moments between segments during the New Hampshire primary. She seemed more nervous than demanding to me. She complained of a microphone that didn't stay attached to her bosom and about poor sound quality in a non-studio setting. Now I would be a bit nervous too if my only function in life was to look and sound knowledgeable before an audience of millions. She laughed and joked a lot and displayed a less than encyclopedic knowledge of current events. At the end of the day she is what the British call a news reader, no more. She is a Liberal surrounded by liberals and so suffers from the parochialism of the "elite."
Her plastic surgeon may be the real devil.

  • My favorite quote of Voltaire' s. "Better to live under the paw of the lion than under the teeth of the million rats who are my fellow citizens. " Voltaire was a scoundrel but he certainly understood democracy. The Lion of course is the Monarch.

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