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Sunday, December 9, 2007


Sources within the New Jersey State Government all seem to agree that the current Governor is a bungler who cannot focus on limited, attainable objectives or communicate a clear idea of what he wants within the bureaucracy. This is not a matter of politics. It's a failure to govern. Perhaps it's not surprising. Corzine never managed a large enterprise before. From what I gather Corzine has driven his middle and senior civil servants to the conclusion that he is a failed executive to be endured rather than a leader with an achievable coherent agenda.

As stories of this malaise leak out the perception of a state adrift can only intensify. Of course nothing he does will be egregious enough to bring the Republican back to power. This is the second failed administration since the disastrous Whitman years. As our population is displaced by Punjabi's and Guatemalans our government comes to resemble the third world as well.

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